Argentina Thrashes Guatemala in Pre-Copa America Clash: Messi Shines with Two Goals

Argentina Thrashes Guatemala in Pre-Copa America Clash: Messi Shines with Two Goals Jun, 15 2024

Argentina Dominates Guatemala in Pre-Copa America Friendly

In a thrilling prelude to the highly anticipated Copa America 2024, Argentina displayed an impressive performance against Guatemala, securing a 4-1 victory in a friendly match at the FedEx Stadium in Maryland. The game was punctuated by moments of brilliance from Lionel Messi, who once again demonstrated why he is considered one of the greatest footballers of all time.

Early Setback Overcome

The match kicked off with an unexpected twist as Guatemala took an early lead due to an own goal by Argentine defender Lisandro Martinez in the fifth minute. This sudden setback left fans and players alike momentarily stunned. However, Argentina's composure and resilience were quickly on display. Just seven minutes later, Lionel Messi capitalized on a mistake from the Guatemalan keeper, Hagen, slotting the ball home to level the scores. This goal was a clear message that Argentina would not be easily deterred.

Messi's Magic and Argentina's Mastery

As the first half progressed, Argentina began to dominate possession, creating numerous scoring opportunities. Their efforts paid off in the 39th minute when Lautaro Martinez confidently converted a penalty, awarded after a foul in the box. This goal not only gave Argentina the lead but also seemed to demoralize the Guatemalan squad, who struggled to regain their footing.

The pace and intensity of Argentina's play continued into the second half. In the 67th minute, Messi once again found himself in the right place at the right time, calmly finishing a well-constructed team move to extend Argentina's lead. His second goal of the night further cemented his status as the star of the match.

Rodrigo de Paul's Impact

Not to be outdone, Rodrigo de Paul added a fourth goal for Argentina later in the match. His strike was a fitting conclusion to a game that had seen Argentina assert their dominance through skillful play and strategic prowess. De Paul's contribution highlighted the depth of talent in the Argentine squad, suggesting that they will be formidable contenders in the upcoming Copa America tournament.

Historical Context and Future Implications

This match marked Argentina's third consecutive win over Guatemala, further solidifying their superior head-to-head record. The victory was not just a testament to Argentina's current form but also a promising indicator of their potential performance in Copa America 2024. Fans and analysts alike are eager to see how the team will fare as they compete for the prestigious tournament title.

Looking Ahead

With Copa America 2024 on the horizon, this friendly match served as a crucial opportunity for Argentina to fine-tune their strategies and test their lineup. The team's performance against Guatemala showcased their strength in both attack and defense, providing a boost of confidence as they prepare to face tougher opponents. As always, Lionel Messi's role will be pivotal, and his display in this match suggests he is ready to lead Argentina to further glory.


Argentina's 4-1 victory over Guatemala was a masterclass in overcoming adversity and showcasing footballing excellence. Led by the irrepressible Lionel Messi, the team displayed cohesion, skill, and determination, making a strong statement ahead of Copa America 2024. Fans around the world will be watching intently to see if Argentina can carry this momentum forward and ultimately achieve success in one of football's most prestigious tournaments.