MLS Fantasy Round 20: Key Player Rankings for a Crucial Double Game Week

MLS Fantasy Round 20: Key Player Rankings for a Crucial Double Game Week Jul, 4 2024

Understanding the Importance of MLS Fantasy Round 20

The fascinating world of Major League Soccer (MLS) Fantasy often brings strategic depth to football enthusiasts, and Round 20 is no exception. This round is a double game week, which means that some teams and players have the chance to score twice as many points. Navigating these rounds effectively can make or break your fantasy league success. We're here to provide detailed rankings and recommendations for each position to assist you in making informed selections.

Top Goalkeeper Options

The Keeperoo Strategy

First, let's delve into the goalkeeper position. One of the most effective strategies for handling goalkeepers during a double game week is the 'Keeperoo' method. It's a clever way to maximize points. For this round, Patrick Schulte and Zack Steffen are the top choices, each facing two home games.

Schulte has been a consistent performer. His strong defensive skills mean he often keeps clean sheets. If Columbus does concede in their first game, you have the safety net of switching to Steffen, another high-caliber keeper with a solid track record.

Defenders Likely to Shine

Defenders Likely to Shine

Effective defense is pivotal for any fantasy team. This week, Steven Moreira, Maya Yoshida, and Emeka Eneli stand out as top picks. Their recent performances have been impressive, contributing to their teams' resilience. Moreira's ability to combine defensive prowess with occasional forays forward adds a unique dimension to his game.

Maya Yoshida's seasoned experience and tactical acumen make him a stable choice. Meanwhile, Emeka Eneli has been catching the eye with his youthful energy and potential. These defenders could collectively bolster your fantasy team’s prospects for the week.

Midfield Dynamos to Watch

The midfield position often acts as the engine room for any fantasy team. This week, the spotlight shines on Luciano Acosta. The midfielder has been a revelation, scoring an impressive 189 fantasy points. His creativity, vision, and goal-scoring ability make him indispensable.

Other midfielders worth mentioning include Riqui Puig, Djordje Mihailovic, and Mateusz Bogusz. Puig's flair and technical ability bring excitement to the game, while Mihailovic's consistency and work rate make him a reliable option. Bogusz, with his knack for crucial contributions, is another player who shouldn't be overlooked.

Forwards Ready to Turn Heads

Forwards Ready to Turn Heads

Scoring goals is the holy grail in fantasy leagues, and for Round 20, Cucho Hernández emerges as a compelling forward option. Having found the net in four consecutive games, Hernández’s form hints at more goals. Toronto FC, his upcoming opponent, has had defensive vulnerabilities that Hernández could exploit.

Don't just stop at Hernández. Other forwards like Chicho Arango, Diego Rossi, and Gabriel Pec also warrant attention. Arango's sharpness in front of the goal, Rossi's pace and creativity, and Pec's raw talent make them excellent choices for this game week.

Beware of Possible Suspensions

A word of caution is necessary when players are on the brink of suspension. Stars like Kai Wagner and Santiago Rodríguez are one yellow card away from missing subsequent games. While their abilities are unquestionable, weighing the risk of suspension is crucial before cementing them in your lineup.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Double game weeks add an extra layer of excitement and complexity to MLS Fantasy. By leveraging strategies like the 'Keeperoo' for goalkeepers and considering form, fixture difficulty, and potential suspensions, you position yourself for a successful round. Happy team-building!